The clouds are pressing down here in Ontario, but the wolf moon fought to shine through the last few days. I've been trying my hardest to focus on GRATITUDE these past few days. For the small things. And focusing on gratitude they say, will lessen some of the thorns that poke through the snow drifts. Shall we all try it?

I'm obviously thankful for you. Already, this forum has allowed some of you to voice your thoughts and fears and I'm reading everything and taking it all in. 

I deliberately told some of my extended family NOT to sign up for this membership club so I could enjoy a little back and forth with my fans without the heat of prying eyes and the social media limelight, and i'm enjoying this corner of the world to breathe, to riff, to write. 

I am thankful for Karen Baer. She put on the trousers at my wedding in 2004 (along with a Debbie Gibson shirt) and stood up beside me. And as it has all come crashing down, she has once again resumed that role as my Best "Man"...and given so much to the early days of Only of Earth. I did not know how close we would once again become.

The focus right now, is the book. And the first video. 

In the spirit of "Instructions" by Neil Gaiman, as well as other works that appeal to both adults and children, such as versions of Alice in Wonderland that we both love, Karen and I are starting to trade ideas on how the "picture book" might take shape.

It's important that it feels very special, so we are hard at work - trading ideas and researching the best way to put everything together for you.

I wanted to share a few of her latest illustrations.  Although we are discussing the book, some of these drawings were done as groundwork for the first video. Which is an interesting dilemma. What song to do the first video for? I have my choice(s). What are yours?

Speak soon, love Emm


Tree by Karen Baer

Tree by Karen Baer

Search Party by Karen Baer.

Search Party by Karen Baer.

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