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Imagination MP3

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from the forthcoming album "Emm Gryner's Only of Earth: Days of Games" (May 4 2018)

produced by Frank Gryner, Jeremy Little & Emm Gryner

drums by Tim Timleck

bass, keys and programming by Jeremy Little

guitars by David Rhodes

vocals by Emm Gryner

violin by Lindsay Schindler 




(Lyrics and music by Emm Gryner/Music by Jeremy Little)


There goes a light 

A flicker of something good

Like a brick wall

You're back to zero

A crack in the silver lining

I cried a river

Into this tainted land 

Quicksand the hero 


There in your imagination it lives

In dreams it will be yours

All in together and the axis spins

Warping space what for

So the universe can't give then take it away

So the universe can't give then take it away 


All of this time

Slipping through heartache and hunger

Take the silence

To mean true love

Magical dimensional

Sound waves on acres

Dodge the enemy

And be done.