Hello all, it’s been too long.

The sun seems to have gone into hiding here in Canada, but oddly without its bold rays and comforting warmth, I’ve felt forced to reflect a lot…turn inward and just take stock of how life is going.

I feel strongly that following your heart is the key to making progress…I finished a handful of US shows recently and although I’m sad that my VISA expired, it can always be renewed…and more shows will undoubtedly pop up for my Southern Dreamers over the coming years. During those shows I crossed paths with a few angels…one was songwriter Bea.

Bea Talplacido

Bea Talplacido

We met ages ago while touring up and down the west coast, and we had been talking about doing shows last year so I was so glad we got to this year in Boston and NYC. But she’s like me, a rock n roll mom, and she just takes care of business, comes up with wicked ideas and one day on a trip down to Joe’s house concert in Delaware, I broke up the trip in Syracuse and we had the nicest hang. I met her son and we had some coffee. We chatted and chatted and then… she brought my attention to this:


Now, I know everyone has differing ideas on speakers and writers and dudes that make lots of money from TED talkers and fast-walkers…but in this case I found the above concept pretty spot-on in terms of ways to check myself when things are feeling depleted. Bea told me that when things feel off to her, she reviews these 6 human needs. Sometimes you can look at that list and answer for yourself, which are most important to you…sometimes you can look at it and ask, “how am I meeting these needs?” … and I must say, this has added a lot of clarity to life lately. A bit of an a-ha moment if I can use that term (and also remind you of the band!!). The list also made me ask, “how come all those therapists didn’t tell me about that? what the hell were we talking about for all those hours???” I mean, I knew about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (very good to know about as well) but this resonated with me in a new way.

I did however mention this to my friend Roy Langdon and he was like…”OH…..Tooooony” in his Leeds accent.

So it won’t be for everyone, but it was certainly for me.

Another cool discovery I made while touring was Gretchen Rubin’s “The Four Tendencies”. If you feel like exploring yourself a little more, it is another good book. I am a shifty Gemini so audiobooks work way better for me than sitting in one place and reading. Life also changed a shit-ton for me when I listened to Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning” back in June…I had read somewhere that Chris Martin read it post-divorce so I was like, well…if it’s good enough for the dude from Coldplay, I’ll give it a whirl. :) A classic book, I found it humorous, humbling and nothing short of amazing. https://www.amazon.com/Mans-Search-Meaning-classic-Holocaust-ebook/dp/B00EKOC0HI Perhaps some of you have experienced it. I was shocked it took finding out the guy from Coldplay read it for me to learn about it. What rock have I been under?

Anyway enough about all that! Let’s flippin’ rock!! Posted today in “Rare Songs” is “Don’t Stop Me Now” a cover I did a while ago and I send it to you now because with all the talk of Queen lately, lovely Freddie is on all of our minds.

Also….I have one more show this year Dec 15 in Sarnia. If you are in the area, please cruise on over and grab some tickets. It’s going to be an awesome show. Click here for tickets: https://preetam.ca/event/2439636/477993103/emm-gryner-and-preetam-sengupta

Another show around Valentine’s Day is being planned for London, Ontario so maybe save Feb 16.

Stay awesome, Emm