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TOP SECRET NEWS today that we are announcing tomorrow but because of your insider status you get the lowdown first. Please do not share on social media! We announce tomorrow.

I’m joining the Celebrating David Bowie tour in Iceland on Oct 7-8, along with Todd Rundgren, Adrian Belew, Angelo Moore and Paul Dempsey. They’ve asked me to open the first show at the very beautiful Eldborg Hall and Harpa with “Letter to Hermione”. Originally I have been reluctant to join the tributes but remembering how wonderful the crowd was at the NYC show made me think, let’s keep singing these songs. Plus I know David would have loved the detail to production, lighting and musicianship that some of these folks are bringing to these concerts. Note this is a different tour than A Bowie Celebration which goes all over North America next year. But you should attend that one too!

Look at this VENUE!!! On the second night, we will be joined by strings and orchestra!


Back from a whirlwind trip to San Francisco. If you missed me there I’ll be back in San Francisco at Nat Loh’s house on Sunday September 30th and if you’re interested in going just drop Nat a note. nat.loh(at)Gmail. I’m excited to come back to San Fran to write with Matt Nathanson as well and one of these days we will crank out a hit.

I have more to say but will probably start making some regular update videos for you. So stay tuned for that too.

Big love to all of you


Top Secret:


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