Well, after photoshopping a bunny behind Tom Keifer of Cinderella (...get it, April (Nobody's) Fool + Easter?...see my FB page) and labelling about a million Winnipeg White Out cds, I spent the rest of my Sunday approving my biography, going for a run (only about a month till the half marathon in Winnipeg) and preparing my VISA application for my US dates. So much to do! 

Also, what a big week with the video coming out! So exciting for me. And Frank sure did a great job. I get the same thrill as I did when my rock band Trapper opened for Def Leppard...sure it's fun, but it's great to take your brother along! Or maybe he's taking me along this time. 

I put up a new song which I thought might be interesting for you to check out. It's something I wrote recently and I don't often put up a work in progress. Usually my process for writing is this:

1. Come up with the idea.

2. Record it as soon as possible so I don't forget it.

3. Revisit it later to write a second verse, or a bridge or add a solo. 

So here's an example of a song that I probably will re-visit. I definitely see it with a beat and flushed out quite a bit, but this is how everything starts.

I also liked the theme of this song...as lately I find so many boys/men/boyz II men are getting brave and opening up about their struggles. I see it in my son, I see it in some of you, I see it in friends. And what is a passing comment or a slight frustration often signals to me that so much more is going on beneath the surface.

So, if Blackwinged Bird is a song for the ladies...this may become a song for the boys.

Stay strong...

Love Emm

PS...here's a sneak peek of the poem + art book for "Days of Games".

PAGE 5_OOE.jpg