There's no turning back now. 

The album and the first single are slowly going out into the universe. It's a bit like fishing...not knowing what you'll pull up from the lagoon...of busy minds...of music lovers...of people exhausted by music...and now it's hard to tell whose CD players are in the landfill, so there's been a bit of sending out the album, as well as digital links.

I promise to get back to reading these blogs, just as soon as I can find my microphone underneath all the papers on my desk.

The ups and downs of single parenting, and navigating ... single life... have been peppered by little victories. Neil Gaiman "liked" the video on Twitter. And an old friend of mine ... I emailed him to get him some music and his vacation response came back to say "I'm off the planet!" Turns out Drew Feustel is on the Space Station, so I'll get him some music somehow. I had flashbacks of 2013, when NASA sent me the very detailed instructions/etiquette on mailing a human in space.

Bottom line, don't upset the human in space!

Perhaps how we treat people in space, should be how we treat each other.

I feel happy to share some of the promo things I'm doing with you.

Tomorrow, if you're in Toronto, you can tune into 99.1 FM and hear "Imagination" on Big City, Small World. The show "Fresh Air" will eventually have me in at some point. There will also be an article in The Sarnia Observer this weekend, and in print on Monday, focusing on my collaboration with Frank on the project.

And this Wednesday I shoot a new music talk show with Karen Bliss for Vintage TV where I talk about my favourite and least favourite album covers (airdate TBA). While exploring Diamond Dogs Vinyl (a small but excellent shop in Stratford Ontario) I came across this cover:


I'm not sure if it's in the favourites or least favourites! But apparently Zon was a prog rock band from Toronto from the late 70's. There's part of me that wants to make Part 2 of Only of Earth pure prog. Let me know your favourite or wackiest album covers.

A second night has been added to The Palm Room in Winnipeg, so now I am there 2 nights - May 3 & 4th. I'll be doing an in-store at Into The Music on Osborne on the 4th as well, sometime around 7pm. All of those dates are with Larry Roy, who was a colleague of Greg Lowe's...and I'm so thankful to have him with me for that special week in the Peg. He is such a phenomenal guitarist and has even agreed to get up at an ungodly hour to do a morning show on Global TV. Then again, I'm pretty pleasant at all hours...although my kids may disagree. 

Some of you know I'm running a half-marathon in Greg's honour, on May 6th. Thanks to those of you who helped me reach my goal for the Canadian Cancer Society. Coming up on the  first anniversary of his death, a lot of emotions are swirling around. I also think about his wife, and his family. 

What else can you do, as an outsider, but put energy into good things...and music.

Tomorrow, it's a 15k run. Not sure how that works in an ice-storm, but I'll let you know.

I am hoping to add a few more dates in the US. "Imagination" goes to radio on Monday...just as Mercury moves out of retrograde, which basically means it will skyrocket to the top of the charts, and unicorns and rainbows will shoot across the sky and morph into a jackpot that will land at my front door, along with a suitcase full of chocolate and 80's cassettes. Anyway keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm excited to have it out there, and thanks for making so many dreams possible.

Stay strong, Emm