Now that the record is out, life has been flying by at lightning pace. Talking about the record is invigorating, as I get to re-live a lot of the making of it. I enjoyed talking to "Fresh Air" on CBC about the making of things, and I do think being a radio host has given me a better perspective on being an interviewee! For one, I now know that longer answers are better, so I'm able to dive into my veins and heart and bones and really talk about the album. Unfortunately, that means I have to talk about the marriage smash-up, but, as time goes on, I find myself with a stronger spine it that regard and in many ways, consider my solo status more a woman with so much to accomplish in the next few years.

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I am still inspired by my launch week in Winnipeg, and have been trying to find a reason to make a jazz record there...whether I write the songs, or someone else works with me...I'm not sure. But I sure would like to do a record of that flavour after my brush with Greg...but mostly as a gift for my dad, who quite frankly deserves a jazz record by his daughter after 20 years of these pop shenanigans!

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At the last minute I decided to do all the publicity for Days of Games on my own, and I've been doing not bad for a pop veteran. Again, a reminder that if you've been doing something for a long time best not to doubt things. I was fortunate to get an airing on Acoustic Cafe this week which goes out all over the USA and Canada. Again...airing the ups and downs, but also with a hint of optimism.

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I've given myself a few self-imposed holidays...they usually come in the form of concerts as I find them the best medicine. I traveled to Buffalo with Sleahy and cPan to see Def Leppard and Journey and it's always very healing to barge in on the Defs quiet room, drink all their whiskey (yes I'm back onto now after the marathon, but in small doses). But mostly to see that this band has really put their heart and soul into a very well-produced show. It's a testament to how much they value themselves and believe in themselves, when let's face it, some of the world has not! I almost died when I realized the band had a day off 400 yards from where Trent Severn were playing. And then fast forward - suddenly I'm playing my uke bass in front of Rick Savage...and the most of the cats stuck around for the whole show! I was able to thank Joe for inspiring me to write "big choruses". Also in attendance that night was Kim Mitchell, who I listened to incessantly at age 12. 

Charged up from this event, I enjoyed hooking up Def Leppard and Matt Nathanson, just before Matt dropped his EP of Def Leppard covers. I take GREAT joy in connecting people/things. e.g. Bowie and Hadfield. oddity and.....err.....outer space.

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The after effects of the marathon have been surprising. I of course dove into a pool of grilled cheese and whiskey right after and didn't run for days...actually had some ankle pain for a bit....but what I recall now is an immensely healthy feeling....and being propelled on by a belief...and a love. I encourage all of you to set some kind of a goal for yourself that involves getting up off your arse and being active. I mean, sure....I guess I ran my half-marathon in Greg Lowe's memory but the real gift was to myself. Anything is possible, is basically what i'm getting at in this pep talk. Share with me what you're doing. I wanna know because I have to set some new goals for myself. Always remember the ever-important WHY you do something...and the best reasons are for love.

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The recent news has been hard to take, a reminder of all of our own struggles...and the more people talk about their stories, the better off we all are. I think of my friend Brad Walsh...married to a very successful designer...he is fighting the good fight, and my beautiful web designer who helped me make this very site you are making...we all have our battles but in these people and in you I see so much power, beauty and hope. Because when we share, we are being brave. Some of you share with me all the time here and I thank you...because every time I hear from you, or read a letter, or read a post...I'm humbled. I might be climbing out of my abyss, but it certainly was an abyss and for it, I took no shame in relying on modern get through what I would call a situational depression. And therapy, in whatever form you can find it. Music - crank it the fuck up. People - cut out the ones who bring you down, the toxic ones....who fill your heart with doubt. Just delete them from FB/phone right now. You don't owe anyone an explanation.

What's next you ask? Boston!!! The Courtyard concerts!!! I am so psyched to truck down there, collect my VISA for touring (first one since Bowie)...and rock Boston and then rock NYC with Earl Slick.

BOSTON JUNE 15th  Boston Public Library Courtyard

NEW YORK JUNE 16th Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 

I've decided Slicky is playing on 4 songs...Shadow Girl, A Mission, Summerlong and .... you guessed it "Space Oddity". It is so healing to hang out with that man and talk about David...because we both knew a corner of him, Earl much more than I. But his stories reaffirm all that I recall and suspected about DB...his heart...his brave mind....his walking on hot coals....his failure to care what other people thought. Slicky is a little like Keith Richards or we're gonna blues-rock up some of these songs and have a great time. I hope you'll join us. If not, I plan to film it and share it down the road.

Big love! Stay strong...Emm. 

PS: Here I am fixing a hair-mergency in yorkville moments before Def Leppard came to my show with Trent Severn!! I know it's just hair, but the woman who stepped up to the challenge (Kamila) was a total angel. Again, someone who just went totally all out for a complete stranger and now....her kindness is having ripple effects.

Thanks for reading. I'll also post a new rare song I found called The Deal. TOTALLY putting it out there. xo

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