Happy Holiday weekend everyone!

New York and Boston were such immense fun. Thanks to those of you who came out. As always happens when I set foot in NYC, I become wildly inspired. I also found it very eye-opening, and soul-shaking to drive through New Paltz, the little town I lived for 2 years before marriage, before domestic life took over. To be there again even driving through...made me take stock of just what the hell has transpired this past 15-16 years...and how meaningful it has been to reproduce...but also how vital it is that I've got myself back after slipping down the rabbit hole of the modern housewife. :) Hands up - who wants to be a modern housewife. As I thought. 

Earl Slick guesting with me has infused me with tonnes of inspiration. Only someone who played (and so humbly) with John Lennon, Bowie, The New York Dolls, members of The Sex Pistols and Rolling Stones (to name a few) and has seemingly been everywhere and seen everything, including fatherhood...could bring this kind of rock n roll education to my door. We are working on a few songs, and he may even come to guest on another show. I'll keep you posted. It's been a joy to reconnect and I've found quite healing to be around someone who knew David as well as he did. And then there are those immense moments we shared - rocking out at BBC, headlining Glastonbury. It turns out the bond lives on. 

On that note, a film crew videotaped and recorded the show at the Rockwood so GUARANTEED, as my friend and fan Bob Reid suggested, Insiders will get that first look. It's all in the editing stages now. 

I'm re-thinking my graphic novel for Only of Earth as well...time is a gift, and allows you to carefully choose your path. I can't wait to share it with you. I had a run-in with Lights at the airport recently and it was great just to riff on art, music and motherhood over overpriced airport coffee. I do think she and Karen will be fast friends should they ever meet. 

Oh and go do yourself a favour and listen to the About U album by Muna. My new favourite music.

Enjoy the summer - you guys mean the world to me.