Hi friends

Hello from the holiday weekend. I've been immersed in playing bass, finishing my covers for those of you who have pledged to receive a cover song, and listening to the philosopher Alan Watts as I putter around the house and ponder my next move.

It amazes me the wealth of imagination, information, perspective and everything else that some people have shared with the world that I am only discovering now.

Do you have a favourite philosopher? Or writer? Please let me know in comments if there are others I have missed as I have blazed along my path to ... here.


I also wanted to throw it out to you that a few dates remain for me to pop down to the US for some house concerts. They'd have to be in the next two months, so if anyone thinks they would like to host one, please let me know in comments or email me at grynerofficial@gmail.com.

Also, the show in San Francisco has been announced. Please check my tour dates - I'll be there September 22nd at the Bindlestiff Studio and I hope all you Bay area folks will join me. Ticket info and poster will be available soon.

A big heartfelt thanks to Tom and Paul for hosting the last concerts. You have both done so much for me over the years, and I am still absorbing the greatness of those two nights. Tom - thank you for that wonderful fan letter that put so much in perspective for me.

Love Emm