Hello friends

Long time no speak. I realize that I incorrectly spelled Winning in my last blog and I called it “Wining and Losing to the Winter” which sounds very bleak indeed.

Life has been extremely busy and I’m excited for it to calm down after the Juno Awards descend upon my general habitat. The awards have become quite a spectacle, but they are also a lifeline to old friends, and a bit of nostalgic hoot seeing as I have been nominated 3 times.

I am moderating a panel of the producer and engineer nominees which has me memorizing faces and names and listening to everyone’s work. WOW! What a talent pool. While I do wish there were females in the mix, I like to think we might find female nominees among the names in coming years.

I wrote a new little love song and it is going to be posted to rare songs soon. I wrote it for a musician and he told me it needs a chorus. That’s the LAST time I write a love song for a musician. Does anyone want to suggest a chorus? I’m open.

Trapper had a great show the other night in London and it felt good to rock with the boys. Although I do think I could use some yoga and massage in large doses before these kinds of outings. We are not sure where we are headed with the band but I have been following advice lately which has me just taking small steps in the direction of positive things in order to determine what the hell the next steps are. I think it’s a good approach. You might want to try it too because very rarely do we have all the answers in front of us before taking any action on something.

Meeting with a book publisher tomorrow who seems interested in my book about singing. I’ll keep you posted!!!!!!!!

Spring is almost here my friends, hang on tight.

Love Emm

Sean Kelly and me at our Trapper show in London

Sean Kelly and me at our Trapper show in London