Hello all,

Just a little update from life here. I wanted to share my lyric video with you for The Spark.

I will say that I put it together as a way to remember and honour Greg Lowe, who shredded that killer solo you hear on the song. He told me before he passed away that it was one of his all-time favourite solos he’s ever done. Monday will be 2 years since he died.

Life continues to evolve here. I haven’t made this public but I wanted to let you know that I got a book deal for my book on singing!! I’m pretty over the moon about it, but it means that every day I am diligently at the laptop, writing my 18-Chapter book which I will fill you in on soon. I did think that my “Only of Earth” graphic novel would come first, but after last fall’s double whammy of Glastonbury 2000 and Bohemian Rhapsody, I found myself looking at my career in a new light, with a focus on the voice.

Fall was indeed transformative.

I feel like we all have these moments of transformation but to sustain their effects is the real trick. Humans aren’t good at being disciplined, but I like to hope that late in life, this skill can be learned.

I continue to follow all my fans & friends are doing - in life, for their peers, for art, for the community - and I am constantly amazed. With news being so dreary, it is wonderful to just pop online to see HEY Quarkomatic shaved his beard, or HEY Johnny Salib is crushing his acting career or HEY Sandra and Kaitlyn’s dog is on the mend or HEY Tycho is still being funny on socials.

I wanted to share a few things that have been truly helping me in the last 6 months

Meditation using the Insight app.

As a mom, someone who gives back to the community, a vocal coach and a recording artist, life can get pretty out of control. Meditation has been the single most powerful thing for me to keep me on track. If you have not made time for it but always wanted to, or if you never have done it but want to give it a try, I encourage Insight. I use the timer but there are a host of other features you can choose from. Meditate twice a day, morning and mid-afternoon. Write a mantra that will help keep you on track in life and say it before you meditate.

Random Acts of Kindness

Nothing pulls you out of a nosedive quicker than sending flowers to someone anonymously, giving to someone’s fundraising campaign or just sitting with someone who needs an ear.

Having a Goal for Exercise

It’s been a year since I ran the half-marathon and I notice that without a goal I am far less motivated. Perhaps you find this too. Find a cause that you believe in, or run in the memory of someone you believe in , or just go for walks or go the gym. Moving the body is half the battle.

In other news here are a few concert dates you may want to know about:

May 31 - West End Phoenix Fundraiser, Toronto - Junction Craft Brewing (Sleahy and I duet)

June 1 - St Marys Town Hall Theatre

June 12 - London Ontario - The Bishop’s Dinner

July 1 - Trent Severn in Stratford

July 28 - Che Cheemaun Ferry, paired with an author. Details TBA

Aug 3 - Sawdust City Music Festival, Gravenhurstl (please do not let the public know about this yet!)

Aug 18 - Winnipeg, TBC

Sending lots of love, Emm x