Hello all.

People think summer is a time to kick back when quite honestly it is a busy time with kids out of school and just trying to organize life in a way that sees everyone thriving and happy.

I’m thrilled that my coaching / speaking video is complete, I’ve posted it in the Video Diary section for you to watch. The idea for this came when I noticed I was doing more lectures for students and women’s groups and was actually quite enjoying the message that I had to share. While it is a bit daunting to admit some of my “lows”, I feel that the way I talk about them is more of a seed for change, growth and freedom.

For many years I have wallowed in the comfort of “feeling bad” and there comes a point where you just realize that it makes a whole hell of a lot more sense to give, feel proud of accomplishments and see things with new eyes, than fixate on things we cannot change, spouses that will not return, youthful skin that has faded.

Part of my road to realization was definitely watching Glastonbury 2000. I almost wish all of you had a snapshot, a video, some footage of yourself as a younger person. Without seeing that footage, I may not have been able to be reminded that I once held a warrior’s spirit, full of vitality and I saw life as an open road of possibility. I realized recently it is not too late to return to that mindset. In fact, what I have learned over time, and the journey I have taken through music, with YOUR support, has deepened my ability to give, shine and soar.


Trapper is working on new material focused on Quebecois 80’s rock. Of all the places I’ve toured in my life, I felt the fire and passion in my neighbouring province of Quebec. Sean Kelly, guitarist extraordinaire and I realized how connected we are as musical siblings and we both share this love so we decided to follow the clues. What does that mean? Well, I believe we are all handed clues as to what exactly our path should be. The first clue was of course playing a Francophone song called “Illegal” a few years ago at The Bell Centre in Montreal when Trapper opened for Def Leppard. The reaction was incredible, the cheers were deafening and for 3 minutes, we were rock gods. To bring that kind of elation to the Montreal crowd was certainly a clue we could not ignore.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” - Oprah Winfrey

I’ve played one of my last shows with Trent Severn this past Canada Day. I had always imagined that TS and I would last well into our 70s, but like a marriage or relationship, sometimes things can change. We all have our solo material to work on and while I will miss what was once a very beautiful idea, connection and camaraderie, it was time to move on. I wish Lindsay and Dayna the very best. They are incredible talents the likes of which I have not seen ever in my life.


I had to rethink my book a tiny bit after my trip to NYC recently which was both daunting and great. I decided to make change in the title from “Sing and Be Happy” to …. a title I will reveal to you closer to publication. I’ve rewritten my chapter outline a few times, made countless voice notes, spoken to my vocal coach and gotten out of bed loads of times before kids have gotten up simply because I am so devoted to making this a great book.

I am not done with dreaming about the Only of Earth graphic novel, in fact…I am holidaying with Karen Baer my fantastic illustrator friend and no doubt we will cook up a way to get it out there.

I have some new tour dates so please visit my tour dates section to find out more. No shows booked for Trapper yet but you’ll be the first to know if I start steaming my pleather and taking my rock n roll belts out of the closet. I love Trapper so much because it allows me to be the vocalist that I always dreamed of…and I am also surrounded by simply the kindest, most open souls in music that I have ever met.

I may be pitching a segment to CBC which may see me back on the air a bit in the fall. It is storming in my brain so I’ll let you know if that comes to fruition.

Now it’s time to slow down a little bit…head out for vacation with the kids. As I said to a fellow mom, summertime is for surrender.

Thank you as always for allowing me to explore this creative world. I can’t wait to share more music and adventures with all of you.

Love Emm





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