I refuse to believe that summer is over just because all the back-to-school supplies come out and I am wearing a sweater.

How have you all been? Life is trucking along here and I wanted to update you on all the goings-on.


I have been trying to implement a digital detox, as I have a 60,000-80,000 word count to meet for my first draft of my book which is to be delivered in November. Luckily, I have just begun to work with Steve Kenny who used to manage Trent Severn, and he is the voice of reason in my sometimes scattered creative existence, letting me know I have to cut out a bunch of things in order for the success of my book to take shape. That old concept of writing every day no matter what, setting an appointment to do so actually does work, and I’ve been going to bed at somewhat reasonable hours and getting up at 6 a.m. to write in my new workspace, on my new desk that only took 5 hours to put together. Really, it is the sort of thing that a monkey could put together but my talents fall in other areas. [Handywomen and men are welcome to apply to be part of my life, btw.]

The digital detox is tough because we have all become heroes thanks to the interweb, riding the dopamine highs of likes and little hearts next to comments and messages returned. Sometimes you just want to shelve it all, and go for a walk and look at the trees. I do experience some dread as the mother of modern children. I worry their whole lives will be frittered away online, but then just as I worry about that, they exemplify some miraculous display of compassion, or I just remember my elders telling me I was watching too much TV and I was going to become a vegetable if I watched one more episode of TJ Hooker. Notably, the differences between being on a device and watching TV are many, but now we are all going down the rabbit hole and I have music news to share.

Some new shows have popped up!!

Sept 24 ELEVATE tech conference - playing piano with Chris Hadfield (other guests include Michelle O-frickin-bama)

Sept 27 - Uncommon Festival in Amherstburg (home of the great Frank Gryner, mixer of many Emm albums)

Oct 26 - duo show at Stonecroft Folk in Ingersoll - playing with Jeff Kikut who is an amazing rock guitar player I unearthed in the wilds of Woodstock, Ontario

Nov 23 - Aeolian Hall…they asked me to come play and it’s always a thrill to be invited back. Thats a full band show and please pass it onto your co-horts so we can make it a jammed, sold-out event!

Julian Bradford

Julian Bradford

I had a wonderful time in Winnipeg. The spirit of Greg Lowe continues to guide me towards love, musical magic and compassion. I met his 92 year old mom and spent some birthday time with his brother Patrick. Patrick is a filmmaker and I framed one of his movie posters so he’d finally have some art on his walls. I loved playing The Lyric Theatre, and all my Winnipeg friends and collaborators came out - Jay and Marty who helped me make the Summerlong 7 inch back in the day, Paul Yee who worked on “The Passing of Ayro” on my last record, and great fans and friends Sandra Merzib, Jamie L, Aichelle and Hannah who I met ages ago when she was only a wee one. I feel so fortunate to play in that beautiful city, and see so many beautiful souls.

I recorded 4 songs for my jazz album for my dad, only 5 more to go. With Larry Roy and Julian Bradford I recorded Nevertheless, Just Friends, Orange Colored Sky and Cry Me A River. Wowza!

* * *

Once back home, I covered Taylor Swift. I just really like the song “Delicate” but wanted a more…delicate version of it. So that is in Rare Songs.

I love you all, I continue to develop a strong spine and the past is starting to feel like ancient history…no doubt music, your support and just learning to love life all over again has helped.

Next report will be from Vegas where I have tricked Matt Nathanson into coming to a Def Leppard show at Planet Hollywood so we can finish this hit song that just needs a chorus.

xox Emm

I was honoured to play with Chris Hadfield at his Hometown Canada Walk of Fame celebration!

I was honoured to play with Chris Hadfield at his Hometown Canada Walk of Fame celebration!